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Nov 13

Snow White and Prince Charming

Halloween this year was Allie’s choice, and she wanted to be Snow White, her favorite of the princesses. We thought about making Josh one of the seven dwarfs but decided that he wouldn’t like the beard. So, Prince Charming was the choice. If you asked him what he was, he would say “Princess Charming”. He …

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Oct 04

Band Day 2012–The Greatest Show on Earth

Band Day, a circus theme this year, was also Allie’s first Purdue football game. She got the whole game day experience from Starbucks to Old Man donuts, tailgating and a nap on the way home.

Jun 11

Weekend Trip

This past weekend, Daddy got left at home while Mommy and the kids headed to Grandma’s house. It was just a brief stop for Mommy because she and Grandpa went to Denver to look at sheep. So Grandma and the kids hung out, picked raspberries, played, napped at times and generally had fun Friday and …

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May 03

April Showers

April brought Easter and other adventures. Also, in April, I started to keep track of the words Josh was saying. April bought us “I’m stuck”, “One more time”, lots of body parts (elbow, hair, arm), animals and their sounds (duck, cow, monkey). And our favorite–bunny! And what does a bunny do “hop hop!”

Apr 01

March Madness

Our fun March. By the end of March, Josh was saying: help, star, oh no, rock (meaning rock in the chair), outside, ride, baa, moo, roar (very quiet, like a whisper), puppy, stuck, all done, happy (meaning the happy birthday book), mommy, daddy, and Allie (not always for the right person), nose, up and down.

Mar 27

Allie’s class visits the Poultry Farm

Allie’s class visited the U of I poultry farm today. Ryan and I had suggested it to her teachers and thought we would come along, too. But Allie told me this morning, “I want to go by myself and be brave on my own.” How can you deny that? Our friend Pam sent along these …

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Mar 01

February Fun

Fun from February 2012

Jan 31

Chicken Noodle Day and Day Christmas

This year we made our (what is becoming an annual) trek to Grandma and Grandpa’s to celebrate the new year. Fun included dinner out for Mommy and Daddy with Nate, Erin, Jeff and Melinda, watching Oregon win the Rose Bowl, playing with cousins and eating lots of yummy food that Grandma made. But it was …

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Dec 20

November 2011 Round Up

Here our some of our November adventures and observations.. The highlights… Allie turned 4. She is one of the younger ones in her day care class and the last in a string of family birthdays so it seems like she has been waiting for a long time. Josh got tubes in his ears and discovered …

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Nov 20

Halloween 2011

After much deliberation, Allie decided to be a banana for her little brother monkey. We had a great night stopping by Dr. McKeith’s house and then hitting lots of houses between here and there. Allie got into the swing of things, even going up to a few houses by herself. Josh hung out in the …

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