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Oct 04

Fall Planting

We took advantage of some sales and got a few plants to go around the mailbox. Daddy luckily had able helpers to assist him. No way he could do this by himself.

May 29

Bring May Flowers

Clara, our babysitter comes one or two nights a week so that we can work late. She caught this video of Allie doing “shuffle, ball change”. Josh thinks he is jumping very high.

May 28

Allie’s 4 1/2 Birthday

Allie was very excited about turning 4 1/2 so we celebrated her half-birthday in style with cake and party hats.

Apr 12

Spring School Pictures

Look at our adorable pair of kids!

Mar 27

Allie’s class visits the Poultry Farm

Allie’s class visited the U of I poultry farm today. Ryan and I had suggested it to her teachers and thought we would come along, too. But Allie told me this morning, “I want to go by myself and be brave on my own.” How can you deny that? Our friend Pam sent along these …

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Feb 02

January 2012

A collection of pictures from our January.

Dec 30

Taking out our new bikes for a spin

Santa brought Allie a new, big-girl bike–complete with bell! And he brought Josh a trike with a handy strap to hold him on the seat and a handle so that mommy and daddy can push and steer. It has been so warm lately that the day after Christmas, we were able to get outside and …

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Dec 28

Dilger Christmas

We traveled during naptime on Christmas to the Dilgers. It was a great drive with Josh sleeping more than 3 hours, Allie more than 2 and Mommy getting a nap in, too. It was great to see Alex, Jaime and Case. Case is getting so big and crawls very very fast. Opening presents was a …

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Dec 27

December Happenings

Even with the holiday rush, life goes on. Here are some random pictures and stories that won’t fit into the “holiday” posts. And here is a video of poor Josh, with a cold, sleeping very loudly. Reminded me so much of his daddy.  

Dec 27

Allie is 4 years old

The birthday wouldn’t be complete without the “bear in the chair” shots, so here they are. The night before Allie turned 4, I taped an interview with her because I know that one day, I won’t remember her being this age.  

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