All About Allison

A “Baby Book” for Allison Joy

11.28.2007 Born at 3:50 am. 8 pounds, 13 ounces and 19 inches long.

11.29.2007 Comes home from hospital. Stacy Scramlin and Christine Leick come to visit and bring Panera. Daddy and Mommy survive on Panera for next 12 hours.

11.30.2007 Back to doctor for bilirubin check and heel prick. Dave and Norainne Baker visit and bring yummy food. Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Eric come in the evening and bring Famous Dave’s.

12.1.2007 Back to doctor again for bilirubin check and heel prick. Leon and Doris come to visit. We are under strict instructions to get Allie to eat 2 ounces of milk every two hours. Mommy breaks out the pump.

12.2.2007 Aunt Erin and Christian arrive for a visit.

12.3.2007 Daddy goes back to work to perform brain surgery on mice. Mommy gives Allie her first bath.

12.12.2007 Allie attends the Animal Science holiday party and meets Ryan’s lab mates.

12.14.2007 We meet Nate, Erin and the boys for Christmas pictures and then we go to Grandma and Grandpa’s for the weekend.

12.17.2007 Allie attends her first Day Christmas Open House. She sleeps through most of it.

12.19.2007 Allie attends the Meat Science Lab Christmas Dinner and is held by “grandmas” the whole time.

12.24.2007 We spend Christmas Eve at Doris’s Christmas Party. Allie is admired by one and all. Allie meets Uncle Alex and Aunt Jaime for the first time.

12.27.2007 Four weeks old, Allie watches Purdue defeat Central Michigan in the Motor City Bowl while wearing her Purdue overalls from Uncle Eric. He also gave her hair ribbons. It will be awhile before she has enough hair to wear them.

One Month Check-up 10 pounds, 7 ounces and 21 1/2 inches long

12.30.2007 Back to Indiana to spend New Years. Allie meets Great-grandma June and Great-Grandpa Marvin and her Great-aunt Julie, too.

12.31.2007 Our friends Jennifer Low and Laura Fletcher come to meet Allison.

1.23.2008 While fixing herself lunch, Mommy accidentally drops bits of chili on Allie J in the front pack. Allie is unfazed and sleeps through the whole thing.

1.2.2008 Allie holds up her head a bit when placed on her tummy.

1.27.2008 We take advantage of unseasonably warm weather and take Allie for her first walk outside.

1.28.2008 Allie is two months old, 11 pounds and 11 ounces and 22 1/2 inches long.

2.1.2008 The warm weather is over and Allie “plays” in the snow for the first time.

2.4.2008 Mommy has to go back to work and Allie starts at Chesterbrook Academy day care. Her teachers are Miss Jen and Miss Karen.

2.9.2008 Allison Joy Dilger is baptized by Pastor Doug Gast at Bethel Lutheran Church in Noblesville, Indiana.

2.15.2008 Allie discovers she has hands and enjoys putting them in her mouth.

February-March 2008 Allie is often fussy in the evenings and takes a little nap in her bouncy chair on top of the stove as her Daddy does the dishes.

3.1.2008 Allie meets Daddy’s piglets for the first time. She is mostly confused by the experience.

3.21.2008 Over Easter weekend, Allie meets sheep for the first time. She is mostly terrified by them.

3.25.2008 Allie is big enough to enjoy the Excersaucer-another great hand-me-down from the Day Boys.

3.27.2008 Allie has outgrown the sink and gets a bath in the tub instead.

3.28.2008 Allie is 4 months old, 14 pounds and 24 3/8 inches long. The doctor gives us the go ahead to try some rice cereal.

3.30.2008 We give Allie rice cereal for the first time.

4.5.2008-4.10.2008 While Mommy and Daddy go to a meeting in San Diego, Allie stays with Grandma and Grandpa.

4.17.2008 Allie rolls over, back to front. Both Mommy and Daddy are lucky enough to be watching at the time.

4.24.2008 Allie decides to hold her own bottle.

5.15.2008 Allie sits up on her own.

May 2008 Allie enjoys eating grass.

5.28.2008 We start fruits and veggies with Allie. She is 6 months old, 16 pounds and 11 ounces and 25 inches long.

6.11.2208 First tooth!

6.14.2008 Allie dons her swim suit and takes a dip in the kiddie pool in the backyard.

6.15.2008 Allie enjoys her first finger foods–Cheerios.

6.20.2008 Allie decides to start sleeping on her tummy.

July 2008 When helped up, Allie will stand up holding onto something.

7.5.2008 At The Luellens 50th Anniversary Party, Allie enjoys ice cream for the first time and really enjoys it.

7.19.2008-7.26.2008 Allie takes her first vacation to Wisconsin with the Days. She enjoys her first time on the beach, eats some sand, meets some cows, goes to the zoo and plays with her cousins.

8.1.2008 Allie crawls! Tempting her with pacifiers, Mommy and Daddy get her to crawl in between them.

Mid-August 2008 Allie pulls up to stand.

8.19.2008 After 8 1/2 months, the supply of Mommy milk runs out. Allie becomes a formula baby.

8.28.2008 Allie is 9 months old, 19 pounds and 2 ounces and 27 1/2 inches long.

9.6.2008 Allie’s first tailgate. She spends most of her time eating the football Aunt Erin brought.

10.8.2008 Allie takes her first independent steps.

10.12.2008 Allie visits Holiday World.

10.16.2008 Allie walks for real.

10.19.2008 First visit to a pumpkin patch

10.31.2008 First Halloween–dressed up like a piglet.

11.28.2008 Allie is one year old. Celebrated at Grandma and Grandpa’s house with cake and ice cream and lots of presents. At her one year check-up, Allie is ___ pounds and ____ ounces and ____ inches long.

December 2008 No words yet but Allie does a lot of pointing.

January 2009 Allie moves to a new room at day care where they only take one nap a day. Sometimes this makes for a crabby baby in the evening. Still no words, lots of pointing, and now when she is hungry, she points to her hand and guides you to the cabinet to pick something out to eat.

3.3.2009 15 month check-up, Allie is 21 pounds and 10 ounces (30th perc) and 29 3/8 inches long (19th perc). Her head is big–46.8 cm (75th perc). Big head=big brain. She got no shot because she was scheduled for ear tubes the next day.

3.4.2009 Allie has tubes put in her ears by Dr. Michael Novak. Surgery was very short and a lot of worrying over nothing. Anna stayed home with Allie for the day mostly for her own benefit. Allie returned to school the next day.

4.10.2009 Allie says her first true word in context. Bath!

5.14.2009 Many words soon follow including mama, dada, ball, dog, cookie, rocks, yes, no, and go go go.

5.29.2009 18 month check-up. Allie is 30.5 inches tall (19th percentile) and 22 pounds, 5 ounces (20 percentile). Her head still houses a large brain (head circumference 47.1 cm–67th percentile). No shots–she was secretly sick!

6.2009 Vocabulary explosion! By the end of June, she was up to 2 and 3 word sentences especially “all done mommy” and “please ee see” which we don’t know if that is please Allie see or please I see. Either way, it is pretty effective at getting her up and seeing what she wants.

7.2009 The arrival of pigtails. They are puny to be sure, but finally Allie has enough hair to do something with. Pigtails do not last long. Also, this month saw the disappearance of almost all signing. We are full into talking now. Occasionally, we will see the sign for more but only when Allie really wants something.

8.2009 Apple cookies is what Allie calls fruit snacks and it has become her night-time ritual to on her PJs and eat apple cookies before bed. Why are they called apple cookies? Who knows? At first they were blue cookies despite the green package, but apple cookies seems to have stuck for now. This month also saw the introduction of “almost”–one of Allie’s favorite words. If you tell her no or not right now, she will respond with “Almost?”.

9.2009 Lots of traveling this month for football games means Allie is seeing a lot of Grandma, Grandpa and Thomas. All week long she asks about them and Bubba and Gus. We are working on days of the week so she can know when we are going to see them next. For Allie, every day is Tuesday. She is about to break into a true run but for now, her top half sometimes travels faster than her bottom half. Allie also is very excited about shopping of all kinds. She will often ask to go shopping and when we say “not today” we get the very popular “almost? almost shopping? Allie almost shopping?”

10.22.2009 Lately, Allie has been talking a lot about what she likes (and what she thinks other people should like, too). She will say “Allie like Pooh. Mommy like Pooh. Daddy like Pooh.” When you give her some grapes, it will be “Allie like grapes. Daddy like grapes. Mommy like grapes.” So far, we have not gotten an “Allie doesn’t like”. I am sure it is coming sometime soon. Also funny–pud-ning. Allie like pud-ning.

10.31.2009 Allie dressed  up like Bubba, the mini-hereford, for Halloween. We carved a jack-o-lantern but it only lasted two days before the squirrels ate it making 3 pumpkins which have fallen victim to the squirrels this year. The fact that the squirrel ate her pumpkin occurs to Allie at random times and she blurts out “Tirl (squirrel) eat pumpkin sace (face).

11.28.2009 Allie turns 2. She had been looking forward to her birthday since October and Mommy’s birthday. Unfortunately, we most of her birthday at Great-Grandma Dilger’s funeral and then driving back home. So we celebrated with a small cake from County Market. I am not sure she knew the difference but her mommy was sad that she missed her birthday party with her cousins. Also, when asked “how old will you be?”, Allie will tell you “Allie be 2!” and hold up one finger on each hand. She also knows her right from left. This is all Ryan’s doing.

12.1.2009 Two-year old check up. Allie is 32.25 inches tall (13th percentile) and weighs 24  pounds, 6 ounces (20th percentile). She continues to have above-average brain growth with her head clocking in at 48 cm in circumference (64th percentile). She is up-to-date on all her vaccines and was hamming it up with the doctor.

1.5.2010 The tubes in Allie’s ears have fallen out and she got another ear infection. Poor thing was a trooper though and continued to poop on the potty even though her tummy was upset by the antibiotics.

3.18.2010 Moving Day! Also the day that Allie announced she had peed in the potty at school and therefore needed pull-ups. We had been telling her that to wear pull-ups, she needed to pee in the potty and not in her diaper. Thus, with a trip to Walgreens before going to spend the night with the McKeiths and closing on our new house the next day, we began potty-training.

6.30.2010 Allie had her second set of ear tubes put in. At her yearly follow-up with Dr. Novak, the ENT, he decided to put the tubes back in because her ear drums were not moving well. He feared the fluid build-up would damage her hearing but it doesn’t seem to be harming her speech.

12.10.2010 At her 3 year old check-up (scheduled to coincide with Josh’s 2 month check-up) Allie was 2 feet, 11 and 1/4 inches tall (9th percentile) and 30 pounds (38th percentile). She passed her hearing test with flying colors and was intrigued by the vision test but also confused. She was given a clean bill of health and was pretty brave about the surprise shot at the end.

1.22.13 5 year old check-up. Allie is 3 feet, 5.5 inches (23rd percentile) and 39.5 pounds (46th percentile). She was healthy and happy and exactly as she should be.

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