Nov 13

Snow White and Prince Charming

Halloween this year was Allie’s choice, and she wanted to be Snow White, her favorite of the princesses. We thought about making Josh one of the seven dwarfs but decided that he wouldn’t like the beard. So, Prince Charming was the choice.

If you asked him what he was, he would say “Princess Charming”. He couldn’t be convinced otherwise. In fact, he wore a flowered headband to school on Halloween morning. We decided it wasn’t worth fighting.

It was a great time, but a cold one, trick-or-treating. Luckily we could warm up at the McKeiths. Ellie the Elephant and her month old sister Maryn dressed as a peanut joined us for trick-or-treating. Ellie was most excited about the dogs and even tried to pet a werewolf much to the werewolves dismay. Our kids were most frightened by the dogs but still did pretty well. Allie was very brave and liked to go up and ring doorbells on her own.

Here are glimpses of the kids in the Halloween Parade.

YouTube Preview Image

Here is Allie’s class singing a pumpkin song.

YouTube Preview Image

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  1. Melody

    Happy Josh and Happy Allie! Those are great! I love the pumpkin decorated bucket Allie has. N would put all the pumpkins in one spot, too! I think Allie was the best Snow White in her class. 😉

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