Jun 11

Weekend Trip

This past weekend, Daddy got left at home while Mommy and the kids headed to Grandma’s house. It was just a brief stop for Mommy because she and Grandpa went to Denver to look at sheep. So Grandma and the kids hung out, picked raspberries, played, napped at times and generally had fun Friday and Saturday. Mommy was supposed be back Saturday to attend the Houser reunion on Sunday but a slow judge at the sheep show delayed her and Grandpa. Uncle Nate and Aunt Erin pitched in to help out at the reunion. We are lucky to have such a flexible family to make it all work. Erin sent along some of these pictures to let Mommy know what she was missing.

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  1. mel(ody)

    Aww… colorful Colorado… BUT raspberries? Airplanes? Bubbles? and Cousins? I think the kids got the better end of the deal. 😉 SO nice to have family willing and able to pitch in and make such fun memories.

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